If you are looking to become a College Republican campus leader, there is no better way than to start a College Republican club on your campus. It is no secret that most universities have a significant liberal bias, so why don’t you change the discourse on your campus by starting a College Republican club! College Republican clubs host activist events, play a crucial role in campaigns and enable you to bring prominent conservative voices to speak on your campus. Being a College Republican is fun, rewarding, and will help mold you into a community leader. Follow these 10 easy steps and start a College Republican club on your campus today!

Step 1
Check the College Republican National Committee chapter map to see if there is already a club at your school.

Step 2
Find at least five (5) classmates to form your executive board and help you start a club. Positions on an executive board typically include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Director and Recruitment Director. If you have a lot of interest in starting a club, however, you may choose to create more positions.

Step 3
Have each member of your executive board find at least five (5) people willing to join the club and participate in club meetings, events and activities by signing up with their first name, last name, email address and cell phone number. The minimum number of person agreeing to join the club necessary to apply for club membership with the College Republican National Committee is 25.

Step 4
Find a faculty member willing to sponsor and advise the club. Good places to look for a faculty advisor sympathetic to your cause are political science, economics, business, agriculture and fire safety departments.

Step 5
Draft a club constitution, which will state the club’s mission, purpose and govern activities such as elections and officer duties.

Step 6
Contact your state’s College Republican Federation Chairman or Chairwoman by emailing

Step 7
Using the contact information of your executive board and the 25 or more people who have agreed to join the club, create an organization email account (]). After creating an email account, create a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account and text messaging list.

Step 8
Apply to become an officially recognized student group with your school’s administration. If you follow steps 1-7, most, if not all, of the tasks required to become an officially recognized student group on your campus will likely have already been completed.

Step 9
Plan your club’s first meeting. Pick a location, date, time and set an agenda. It’s also good to have an interesting, motivational speaker and food at your first meeting.

Step 10
Hold a recruitment table on campus to promote the first meeting, expand your club’s membership and get more students involved in College Republicans!